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PSA Industrial Nitrogen Gas Generating Machine Used In Powder Metallurgy

China Suzhou Cherish Gas Technology Co.,Ltd. certification
China Suzhou Cherish Gas Technology Co.,Ltd. certification
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PSA Industrial Nitrogen Gas Generating Machine Used In Powder Metallurgy

PSA Industrial Nitrogen Gas Generating Machine Used In Powder Metallurgy
PSA Industrial Nitrogen Gas Generating Machine Used In Powder Metallurgy

Large Image :  PSA Industrial Nitrogen Gas Generating Machine Used In Powder Metallurgy

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Cherish
Model Number: PN-140-95-7-A
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Plywood box
Delivery Time: 75 days after receiving deposit.
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 60 sets

PSA Industrial Nitrogen Gas Generating Machine Used In Powder Metallurgy

Nitrogen Output: 140Nm3/hr Purity: 95%
Pressure: ≤0.7Mpa Atmospheric Dew Point: ≤-45℃
High Light:

nitrogen generation system


nitrogen gas system

PSA industrial nitrogen gas generating machine used in Powder metallurgy
1, Working principle of PSA nitrogen Generator:
Pressure swing adsorption nitrogen production device is a new type of air separation equipment, with compressed air as the raw material and carbon molecular sieve as the adsorbent.Using PSA process under the normal temperature and low pressure, the pressure swing adsorption (PSA) oxygen and nitrogen in carbon molecular sieve using the air diffusion rate is different, through the programmable controller control valve opening and closing, realize the pressure adsorption and vacuum stripping process, complete separation oxygen, nitrogen, get high purity nitrogen, nitrogen purity and gas production rate can be adjusted according to the customers' needs.
Our company produces the ordinary nitrogen type nitrogen making device, nitrogen purity is 98 ~ 99.99%, nitrogen production volume is 5 ~ 1000 Nm3 / h, the ordinary nitrogen type nitrogen making device with nitrogen gas purification device becomes a high purity nitrogen type of nitrogen making system, nitrogen purity can reach to 99.9995%, the oxygen levels in the nitrogen is less than or equal to 5 PPM, dew point less than or equal to - 60 ℃.
2, Product Features:

  • The raw air is taken from nature and nitrogen is produced by supplying compressed air and power.Low energy consumption, low operating cost.
  • Nitrogen purity is easy to adjust. Nitrogen purity is only affected by nitrogen exhaust volume.The purity of ordinary nitrogen is arbitrarily adjusted between 95% and 99.99%;High purity nitrogen making machine can be adjusted between 99% and 99.999% at user’s option.
  • High degree of automation equipment, gas production fast, unattended.Nitrogen can be generated within 10-15 minutes after starting and shutting down by pressing the button.
  • The equipment has simple technological process, compact structure, small floor area and strong adaptability.
  • Packing molecular sieve by snowstorm method, avoid powder phenomenon of molecular sieve caused by high-pressure air shock, and ensure long time use of molecular sieve.
  • Digital display flowmeter with pressure compensation, high precision industrial process monitoring secondary instrument, with instantaneous flow and cumulative calculation function.
  • Import analyzer online testing, high precision, maintenance free.


  1. Application Fields
  • SMT Industry Application
    Nitrogen filling reflow welding and wave soldering, using nitrogen can effectively restrain the oxidation of solder, improve the wettability of welding, accelerate the wetting speed, reduce the production of tin ball, avoid bridging, and reduce welding defects,DEMING SMT electronics manufacturers with hundreds of sets of cost-effective pressure swing adsorption nitrogen machine, SMT industry has a large customer base, SMT industry share of more than 90%.
  • Semiconductor silicon industry applications
    Semiconductor and integrated circuit manufacturing process of atmosphere protection, cleaning, chemical recovery, etc.
  • Semiconductor packaging industry applications
    Nitrogen is used for packaging, sintering, annealing, reduction and storage.Pressure swing adsorption nitrogen production machine helps the major manufacturers in the industry to win the first opportunity in the competition, to achieve effective value enhancement.
  • Electronic components industry applications
    Selective welding, purging and encapsulating with nitrogen. Scientific nitrogen inert protection has been proved to be an essential and important link in the successful production of high quality electronic components.
  • Application in chemical industry and new material industry
    Nitrogen is used to create oxygen free atmosphere in chemical process, to improve the safety of production process and the power source of fluid transportation. Petroleum: it can be used for nitrogen purging of pipeline vessels in the system, nitrogen filling, replacement and leak detection of storage tanks, flammability gas protection, as well as diesel hydrogenation and catalytic reforming.
  • Powder metallurgy, metal processing industry
    Heat treatment industry application steel, iron, copper, aluminum products annealing, carbonization, high temperature furnace protection, low temperature assembly of metal parts and plasma cutting.
  • Food, pharmaceutical industry applications
    Mainly used in food packaging, food preservation, food storage, food drying and sterilization, medicine packaging, medicine replacement gas, medicine transport atmosphere.
  • Other areas of use

In addition to the use of nitrogen machine in the above industries, in coal mine, injection molding, brazing, tire nitrogen, rubber vulcanization and many other fields are widely used.With the progress of science and technology and the development of society, nitrogen device is used in more and more fields. On-site gas production (nitrogen production machine) has gradually replaced the traditional nitrogen supply methods such as liquid nitrogen evaporation and bottled nitrogen with its advantages of saving investment, low cost and convenient use.
4,Composition of PSA nitrogen making machine:

  • Compressed air purification system:Carbon molecular sieve is the key material to determine the production capacity of nitrogen machine. Since the compressed air provided by air compressor usually contains oil and water, oil and water will reduce the adsorption capacity of carbon molecular sieve, so the compressed air needs to remove oil and water before entering the oxygen and nitrogen separation system. Firstly, the air is compressed by the compressor to be 0.75-1.0 MPa and enter air purification system, the pipeline filter will remove most of the water, oil and mechanical impurities, and then the freeze drying machine dewaters by cooling and make the pressure dew point to be 2 ℃ to 10 ℃, furthermore, the air is processed by the precision filter, super precision filter and activated carbon degreaser, the air with pressure 0.75-1.0 MPa, pressure dew point with 2 ℃ to 10 ℃, and the oil content less clean 0.01 PPm will be got. Compressed air purification system is composed of pipeline filter, freeze-drying machine, fine filter, ultra-fine filter, activated carbon deoiler, automatic sewage valve, ball valve and so on.
  • Air tank system: The purpose of the air storage tank system is to ensure the stability of the gas used in the oxygen and nitrogen separation system. When the oxygen and nitrogen separation system is switched, it can prevent the instantaneous airflow velocity from going too fast, affect the air purification effect, improve the quality of compressed air entering the adsorber, and help to extend the life of the molecular sieve.Air tank system consists of air tank, protective valve, globe valve, ball valve, pressure gauge, etc.
  • Body of Nitrogen making machine:Oxygen and nitrogen separation system is the core part of air separation. Its main body is two adsorption towers filled with carbon molecular sieve. When the clean compressed air enters the adsorption tower, oxygen, carbon dioxide and trace water are absorbed by the carbon molecular sieve, and nitrogen is output from the outlet end. When nitrogen is adsorbed in one column, oxygen, carbon dioxide and water adsorbed in the molecular sieve can be discharged from the pores by decompression in the other column to achieve biodesorption of the molecular sieve.The two columns adsorb and regenerate alternately and continuously output nitrogen.The main body of nitrogen making machine is composed of adsorption tower, carbon molecular sieve filled in the tower, pneumatic valve, muffler, throttle valve, compression cylinder, pressure gauge and so on.
  • Nitrogen buffer system : The main function of nitrogen buffer system is to balance the pressure and purity of nitrogen separated from the main body of nitrogen making machine and ensure the continuous supply of nitrogen.At the same time, when the adsorption tower is transformed from regeneration to adsorption, it will recharge the partially qualified nitrogen stored in the adsorption tower to protect the molecular sieve bed, and also help the adsorption tower boost pressure.At the same time, when the adsorption tower is regenerative to adsorption, it will recharge the partially qualified nitrogen stored in the protective bed of the adsorption tower, and also help the adsorption tower boosting pressure. Nitrogen buffer system consists of buffer tank, flow meter, dust filter, pressure regulating valve, throttle valve, protective valve, etc.
  • Electrical Control System :The main functions of the electrical control system are equipment start and stop operation, working status indicator light display, fault sound-light alarm indication, purity display and drive pneumatic valve according to the set program.The electrical control system is composed of programmable controller, air source triplex, solenoid valve, indicator light, micro oxygen meter, etc. It is mainly installed in the electric control cabinet.

5,Technical Parameters
Stable and adjustable pressure, purity and flow to meet different needs of customers
● Nitrogen output —— 140Nm3/hr
● Purity ——95%
● Pressure ——≤0.7Mpa
● Atmospheric dew point ——≤-45℃
Note: lower oxygen content and dew point requirement, NP-series nitrogen purification device is optional.
Product Picture:
PSA Industrial Nitrogen Gas Generating Machine Used In Powder Metallurgy 0
Date of delivery:75 days after receiving deposit,
Monthly output:60 sets/month
Payment term:30% deposit against the signed PI,70% balance should be paid before shipment.
After Sales:Factory site installation and debugging qualified acceptance

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