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Suzhou Cherish Gas Technology Co., Ltd. (Cherish) was founded in 2017 and is located at No. 78, Tongxin Road, Suzhou High-tech Development Zone, China. CHERISH has successively won the honorary titles of Small and Medium-sized Science and Technology Enterprises, Private Science and Technology Enterprises, Star Cloud enterprises and High Technology Expertise in Jiangsu Province, and passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification in 2019.


There are 6 kinds product lines (Oxygen plants, Nitrogen plants, Hydrogen plants, Air plants, Gas purification plants and Gas recovery system) with over 30 different series and 900 specifications and models for CHERISH. They are widely used in medical treatment, health care, environmental protection, breeding, laboratory, chemical industry, electronics, medicine, food, shipping, national defense and military industry, lithium battery, hydrogen energy, gas, materials (ceramics, hard alloy, powder metallurgy, steel, copper aluminum, glass, etc.) and other fields. CHERISH is aimed to develop into an integrated enterprise, which is comprised of R&D, design, manufacturing, sale, engineering and service.


On the basis of the standard products, CHERISH provides a variety of products and services, including non-standard design customization, OEM manufacturing, energy saving reconstruction, entrusted management of equipment, lease of equipment and supply of gas. On the belief of “Achievements are reached by hard work rather than recreation. Actions are done after thorough consideration rather than casual decision”, CHERISH persists in exploring and developing new technology through introducing advanced technology and achievements at home and abroad. It is ensured that more valuable products and service will be offered by pioneering and advanced innovation, stable and reliable quality, fast and professional service, rigorous and efficient management.


      Company Culture


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     Annotation of Company LOGO


      A. The logo is composed of the letter "CYS", and the letters are progressive. The outermost "C" also represents "customers", indicating that CHERISH always strives to do the best service for each customer. The innermost "S" is composed of green patterns like two small fish, symbolizing freedom, youth and vitality.

      B.The logo is green. It implies that Cherish Gas will put more importance on energy-saving, environmental protection technology, application

          of new technology and so on.


     Company Philosophy 

       Achievement is reached by hard work rather than recreation; Actions are done after thorough consideration rather than casual decision.


     Company Mission

To provide valuable technologies and products for the field of gas resources and promote the progress of human civilization.


     Core Value of the Company

       Integrity-based, Serious, Down-to-earth, Unity, Innovation!


     Company Vision

       To build a leading enterprise in China's Gas industry!


     Principle of Service

       Initiative, Fast and Professional!


     Quality Policy

       The company will be offering our customers the excellent design and elaborate products at any time and place, to meet the requirements of the contract with customers, to ensure stable and reliable in use, fulfill all his promises, and through continuous improvement, innovation and the pursuit of, make the product quality at the forefront of the gas equipment industry in China.

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In 2017

            ——“Suzhou Cherish Gas Technology Co., Ltd.” was officially established. (Before the change of company equity and name,it was called **** Technology.


In 2018

            ——Cherish has obtained the right to carry out overseas trade.

                   With the cooperation of Lhasa Jingzang Exchange Center Co., Ltd., PSA oxygen generator was produced for diffusion oxygen supply in plateau area.


In 2019

            ——Got registration of ISO9001 quality management system, Got registration of small and medium-sized science and technology enterprises, private science and technology enterprises.

                    Cooperated with Shanghai Jiangnan Shipyard for producing PSA nitrogen generator.


In 2020

            ——Got registration of High and New Tech Enterprises, Star cloud enterprises and cooperated with KEDA energy for PSA nitrogen generator, which is used in lithium battery.


In 2021

            ——Cooperated with STRONGAIR, this PSA oxygen generator is exported to Mexico.


In 2022

             ——Review of private science and technology enterprises, change of company equity and name. Now the company is called “Suzhou Cherish Gas Technology Co., Ltd.”

                    Cooperated with SHANGHAI HYDROGEN PROPULSION TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. on hydrogen energy.

Suzhou Cherish Gas Technology Co.,Ltd. Suzhou Cherish Gas Technology Co.,Ltd. Suzhou Cherish Gas Technology Co.,Ltd. Suzhou Cherish Gas Technology Co.,Ltd.
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Main Market

North America

South America

Western Europe

Eastern Europe

Eastern Asia

Southeast Asia

Middle East


Business Type


Trading Company


Brands : Cherish

No. of Employees : 28~-35

Annual Sales : 7,000,000-9,000,000

Year Established : 2017

Export p.c : 50% - 60%


Our Products Have Passed Many Certificates.

China Suzhou Cherish Gas Technology Co.,Ltd. Certification China Suzhou Cherish Gas Technology Co.,Ltd. Certification China Suzhou Cherish Gas Technology Co.,Ltd. Certification China Suzhou Cherish Gas Technology Co.,Ltd. Certification